How are my jewelry made ?
They are created with cotton yarn, I knits them with a hook needle.
I add little things like pearls according to my inspiration, see below ...


These models are composed by a necklace and a ring. It's useful, because the cotton can extending on the finger, no need to do several sizes. If you want i can study all demands, don't hesitate to ask.

This one is a necklace only, simple but very nice with pearls.

Nice necklace with earrings. Both are decorate with pearls.
Wear it soon, they will sublimate your beauty .

Other stuff

Why not a bag knitted, you'll adored it. But maybe your daughter or niece will want also one, so ask a size a bit smallest 

Soon Easter ? Or not, no matter, always better to have this !

Easter Eggs
Where can you put your Easter Eggs ? We solve it ! To make family laughing and kids happy and surprised .
But, not only for easter eggs .

Along the year (a good to do the groceries)

Key chain
Those are keychains that can receive a coin or token for a trolley.
But its use is not limited, you can use it for what you want.
It comes with a key ring.

Any question ? Don't hesitate to send us an email